NEWS FROM AUSTRALIA: We are organising the 2019 DSSA National Swimming Championships in Brisbane on 24th and 25th of August this year. This championship is open to all swimmers with Down syndrome, providing they can swim a 25m event.  They do NOT have to be a ‘national’ level or in fact have any qualifying times for events shorter than 100m, just an entry time is all that is required. This meet is about inclusion and an opportunity to meet and swim against other athletes with Down syndrome.  There is also a pathway to represent Australia as part of DSSA as well We attach the following documents to enable swimmers to compete in these championships;
  1. Conditions of entry
  2. List of events
  3. Rules of competition
  4. Nomination form
  5. Medical information
  6. Photographic/ media consent
  7. Remittance form
  8. Championship dinner and Accommodation information
Please complete the forms listed as 4 to 7 on the website and email the completed forms back to [email protected]. Entries close 27 July, 2019 but early completion of these forms would be appreciated.  No entries will be accepted until payment is made. Finally, we would appreciate it if you would distribute this email amongst any of your relevant contacts. Kind regards Craig Tobin Helen and Joe Dixon Nationals Sub Committee

Click the link below to download the Information and Forms 4 to 7:
2019 DSSA Nationals Championships Information and Nomination Pack


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