Down Syndrome International Swimming Organization

Award Winners - Morelia, Mexico

Congratulations to the Top Achievers at 7th Down Syndrome World Swimming Championships   -  Morelia, Mexico.   7-15th November, 2014.

      T21  -   Top Male Swimmer      -    Colin Marks, Australia

      T21  -   Top Female Swimmer  -    Phoebe Mitchell, Australia

      Mosaic   -  Top Male Swimmer   -    Michael Qing, Australia

      Mosaic   -   Top Female Swimmer -   Kelly Antunes, Brazil

      WINNING TEAM   ................    AUSTRALIA 

Full set  Results


Kelly Antunes - Brazil
Top Female Swimmer - Mosaic
Michael Qing, Canada
Top Male Swimmer - Mosaic
Phoebe Mitchell, Australia
Top Female Swimmer, Mosaic
Colin Marks, Australia
Top Male Swimmer - T21
Top Team - Australia
Colin & Lucy receiving the award for Australia - Top Team Overall

World Records - Morelia - November 2014

Michael Qing, Canada

Open World Record Breakers:     Mosaic

  •   Michael Qing, Canada
    • 200m Ind Medley
    • 50m Butterfly
    • 100m Backstroke
    • 400m Freestyle
    • 200m Butterfly
    • 200m Backstroke
    • 100m Butterfly
    • 200m Breaststroke

Mosaic Short Course

Open World Record Breakers:     T21

  •    Colin Marks, Australia         -   800m Freestyle
  •    Ricardo Herrera, Mexico     -   100m  Backstroke
  •    Phoebe Mitchell, Australia  -   50m Backstroke

T21-Short Course


Thank you Mexico for the most amazing and memorable championships.  

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Down Syndrome International Swimming Organization provides opportunities to swimmers with Down syndrome to compete at an international level in their own category. 

Swimmers from all over the world will be in Morelia, Mexico from 7th November 2014 to participate in the 7th Down Syndrome World Swimming Championships.