The new Registration Forms are now available.   Please note these are NEW forms because we have now reached an agreement with Athletics and Gymnastics (and more sports to follow) to use the same Generic Membership Form.   This means that if athletes decide to later register for another Sport they will be able to simply send the same form again to the other sport organization.   Each Sport will have additional forms specific to their sport – so you will see that for swimming you need to complete code specific forms.

More information contact:   [email protected]

Please note that membership fees must be paid via the registered NSO.

    1. Renewal Swimmers Membership
      Swimmers Membership Renewal Details
    2. Renewal Country Membership
      Country Membership & renewal of Swimmers Membership
    3. Application for New Country Members
      New Country Membership Application Form

All new swimmers have to register with SU-DS for classification and registration number. 

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