A number of years ago we realised that swimmers with Down Syndrome were being outclassed in competition by other people with learning disabilities who did not have the same physical disabilities that are often associated with Down Syndrome.   For this reason the Down Syndrome International Swimming Organisation (DSISO) was created.  DSISO provides the opportunity to swim at a World Class level through its World Championships held every two years and also keeps World Record information for swimmers with Down syndrome.  Swimmers who register with DSISO  are able to keep in touch with other Down syndrome swimmers and eventually join forces to establish a DSISO National Organisation to further the opportunities for Down Swimmers such as National and Regional Championships. The Eighth DSISO World Championship will be held in Italy in 2016. Finally, anyone who has been to a DSISO event cannot but be impressed by the quality of the swimming.   Newcomers, watching the bow waves that precede the swimmers, and that hide the identity of that swimmer in many cases, are seen to gaze with jaws open as they realise the swimmers all have Down Syndrome.   They are then often further amazed as the swimmers all rush to congratulate the winner.   Good swimming technique that results from good coaching stands alongside enthusiasm, determination and friendliness as features of all DSISO events. Membership Information:    http://www.dsiso.org/about/forms/


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