Below is an extract of the DSISO Rules regarding World and Regional Record Applications

GN 8 Records
GN 8.1  Short and Long Course World and Regional Records may be established for each event (as applicable).  World and Regional Records will be maintained separately for DS Trisomy 21 and for Mosaic DS.  Records may be established for the following Age Groups (age on the date of the Competition)

GN 8.1.1   Open – all Registered athletes

GN 8.1.2    Junior – athletes under 17 years of age

GN 8.1.3      Masters; in 2 (two) age bands:

GN   25 to 34 years of age

GN   35 years of age

See page 2 of World Record Application for more details.

Submission of Forms together with Event Results Sheet AND authorised (signed) timing slip

Notification of World Records  with the Event Results Sheet, the Authorised Signed timing slip and certificate for Pool Length, if necessary, to be sent by e-mail (Scanned copies*) within 28 days to:     Records Officer –  [email protected]

The sender is strongly advised to keep copies of all papers sent.

The receipt of the papers by the Records Officer will be acknowledged with 7 days by e-mail.

If approved, the Records will be published on the DSISO Website within 28 days of the receipt of the papers by the Records Officer.

Where a response within the designated periods is not possible by any DSISO officer due to other commitments this will be published on the Website as appropriate.

*If it is not possible to send the papers by e-mail they may be posted the papers must be sent to the Records Officer using Recorded/Registered.  Please email Records Officer for postal details.

Delivery or other secure delivery within 28 days as currently stipulated.

World & Regional Application Form (Individual)

Electronic Record Report Form


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